Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

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A change is as good as a rest

A quiet day: slept, geeked, had coffee with August and talked for a while, geeked more, tried to read a book and slept more.

Out in the evening to see The 25th Hour, which was excellent. I'd seen the trailer a few weeks back and thought it looked like it might be quite good, but it was far better even than the trailer had made it seem. Definitely recommended. Not very good at reviews though, perhaps rjk will write one. Also got to see trailer for the Matrix. Due out May 23rd, already trying to work out exactly what to wear :-)

Walked home in the pouring rain and then did the rest of the evening sort of backwards with shower then TMI then food. Shall probably get to bed pretty soon so I can get a decent night's kip and back to work tomorrow. Glad I took the day off, and glad to talk to Jan a bit on irc. Feeling calmer overall. The rain probably helped with that, it usually does.
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