Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Meme: music to live by

I'm going to pick and choose just some of the questions from this one, because I don't have good answers for the rest:

What was the first record you owned?
First album was Chris Isaak's Wicked Game, before that I don't think I owned anything of my own to play them on

If you had someone of the opposite sex coming over and you wanted to impress them, which CD's would you hide?
None. And the ones I wouldn't play would vary lots depending on the taste of who it was. I don't think I have much I'd be embarrassed of.

Is there a song that reminds you most of your childhood?
The Bonzo Dog Band, Urban Spaceman, one of my mum's 7" singles that got played absolutely to death. That one most reminds me of jumping around on the bed in a daft fashion.

If your music collection was about to go up in flames, which 5 CD's would you save?
The uk.misc compilations and the Preacher Boy promo. Everything else is replaceable.

Which underrated artist deserves more attention?
Preacher Boy. Wish he'd reappear, not a sausage in 3 or 4 years.

What is your favourite soundtrack?
Probably the Matrix. It just works well as a generic rockish complication.

Current favourite radio hit:
I dunno about current, I've enjoyed a few tracks from this last year, more than for the previous couple anyway, Tatu, Avril Lavigne, Year 3000 bu a band whose name I've forgotten despite buying the album last week. They're nothing very special, but they're not bad little pop songs, and I like that.

Do you sing or play any musical instruments?
Badly, yes. These days mostly just singing along to whatever's on.
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