Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

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Time for a break

Too tired to want to go to work, also feeling a bit stressed and in need of a break, not enough to call in sick, but enough to take today off as holiday, which thankfully is doable even with no notice occasionally.

Mixed night last night, there were some good bits but overall I think it was pretty horrible. Good bits: Jan looking lovely, nice dinner, accidentally deciding to drink after all, coming second in the quiz, free drink from keir: thanks!, seeing some nice people (Christi, Craig, Andy, RRW, Simon T especially), meeting Neko-guy's cats, dancing lots, strangers being nice. But I hope never to end up sitting on a dancefloor in tears again, or holding a grown man while he cries and bleeds all over me at the same time, or having to see the woman I love feeling so completely broken. It hurts that I can't help her.

And for now I'm going back to bed.
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