Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Weekend summary

Left work a little early and headed over to the station in the rain to meet Jan. Discovered we could apparently do all our travelling on one return ticket to Keighley provided we got the version that let us travel "through" London, though it wasn't cheap. Still better than a bunch of singles would have been. Trains ran smoothly and we made it to Keighley in time for a pleasant evening in our hotel room.

Got up too early and with not enough sleep and spent the day at the studio taking photos. Was surprised to find Jan was more nervous about the whole thing than me in the end: I'd expected it to be the other way round. Was pretty pleased with the results, have a CD of pics and more to come when the B&W film is processed. Headed back on the train towards London for an evening of clubbing with friends Followed by crashing at Marna's at about 4:30am.

Woke up far too early and improved hangovers by some time going ugg with cats followed by breakfast in Camden and then shopping, with addition of extras from Cambridge who hadn't fancied the previous night's events. Boots, corset, top for me, tshirt for rjk, spent *far* too much money but had loads of fun doing it. Back to Cambridge for pizza at Sion and Jan's and then home moderately early for bed.

Just had another look through the CD of photos, and I have to say some of them have come out really well, and are just as lovely as I'd thought. In other cases I've been surprised both ways: many of the ones of Jan that she didn't like much and we skipped straight past are stunning, and quite a lot of the ones of both of us would really be rather better if I were another couple of stone lighter, which is a depressing thought.

The one bad thing about the whole weekend has been how down on herself Jan is feeling and having to see her feeling miserable but not being able to do anything to help, and feeling like I kept making things worse. I was slightly apprehensive about spending the evening with her and August because I know what I'm like and was worried I'd be jealous to see them together. In practice it seemed to be almost the opposite. In a way it's nice to know that I *can* be happy to know that he loves her, because until Saturday he hadn't said as much but it was becoming obvious and I thought it was going to hurt like hell. I'd be happier still if she believed it. I just want to see her happy. Happy when she's with me, and happy when she's with other people too. *kiss* I love you!
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