Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Weekend plans

Friday: work, lunch with August, leave work a little early, pack, get train to Keighley, stay in B&B with Jan.

Saturday: picked up by Steve to head to the studio for a 9:30 start. All day taking photos, presumably with suitable lunch breaks. Finish by 5:30. Get train to London, go to Stay Beautiful, crash with friends (Jan, you're in charge, are we going for Marna's or Juliet's or what? Is there definitely room for me too?).

Sunday: somehow get out of bed, somehow get to Camden in concert with rjk and anyone else who's coming. Try on corsets and Stompy Boots. Go back to Cambridge and go ug.

If I'm tired on Monday I guess it'll be obvious why, but I think I might just be looking forward to this w/e.
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