Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

chiark down / good times

What a nuisance, chiark rebooted for a kernel upgrade at lunchtime and doesn't seem to have come back: inside info suggests Ian is going to have to head down to Black Cat's hosting facilities in London to sort it out in person. No doubt it won't be back for quite some time. So anyone who wants to get in touch with me should mail me at work (ecb39@eng.cam.ac.uk) in he meantime.

In other news I had a very pleasant evening with Jan yesterday. Had the waitress bring us only one long spoon for stirring liqueur coffee with, but comment that we were obviously good friends so hoped it would be OK. Not sure how obviously "good" but we were giggling lots and holding hands across the table. She was cute too, shame she was a bit slow about serving us, but never mind it was still fun. Back to hers for a quick geek and giggle over the photos taken at Andrew's flat the other day. And then erm, what seems to have become known as dessert for some reason. *ahem*. Time flies when you're having fun and somehow it was suddenly after midnight and time to go home. Fortunately rjk was still up and pleased to see me when I got home too so that was nice.

Lunch with rjk today in town was good too, shame the walk there and back means he can't spend longer actually in town. Wandered off to do some shopping afterwards. Couldn't find the Del Amitri CD I wanted (Change Everything to replace the one I only have an illegal taped copy of) but did find another couple (the most recent one from last year that I don't know yet, and the B-sides one) plus a Deacon Blue greatest hits in the sale, and a CD from the chart rack on the offchance (Busted, I've heard the single "Year 3000" off it several times and thought it was quite fun so I figured what the hell. Listening to it now it's all a bit cheesy and teenage though :-). And I also bought my first ever DVD, despite having nothing to play it on. But Strictly Ballroom for only a fiver was irresistable. Then I accidentally went in the alternative clothing fair and bought a skirt too. Oops.

Looking forward to dinner with August this evening. See if his cooking is as good as it's been rumoured to be eh. Probably better than mine at least. Hope rjk has a pleasant evening too.

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