Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Home sweet home?

Working from home today, was shattered and half hoping the parcel I was looking for would be delivered. No sign of it. Was going to go meet rjk for lunch and then head into the office in the afternoon but we sort of faffed and didn't bother and now I'm feeling bad about it. Still, getting stuff done here, and can listen to more varied music in the process. Though must get rjk to show me how the "jukebox" works. Then again should try (again, as usual) to spend less of the evenings geeking with him and more doing other stuff. Still wonder if just having a TV we'd sit in front of that together and cuddle and actually talk to each other more, but doubt it. There's fuck all decent on anyway, but I guess we could at least watch videos occasionally.

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