Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Friday we got up at a erasonable hour, buy somehow didn't leave the house until a little after 12. Made good time down the M11 and M25 then stopped at Fleet services on the M3 for some lunch. It being a hot day however the car refused to start again when we'd eaten, so we had fun calling the RAC to sort it out. 2 hours and a new starter motor later we were finally on our way and arrived in Bournemouth a little after 6. A pleasant quiet evening with rjk's parents.

I seem to have lost track of the order of the rest of the weekend. Saturday we had a pub lunch out in a pub which did Badger beer, which was cool, followed by Dorchester, where we wandered round the rather parochial county military museum and then bought some books. Blooming cold and windy. Sunday we had a nice lie in, got up in time for me to ring my parents and have a chat about their holiday in Mozambique (apparently pretty much equal quantities horrid and lovely, but coming out just about good overall) before lunch. Me and rjk went for a wander into town afterwards. The shops were pretty much all shut, the gardens were full of people, but tbe seafront wasn't too busy. I was bemused by people feeding the pigeons on the beach rather than the seagulls. Rjk was bemused by me paddling. It was pretty warm really though. Wandered back and had a pleasant and rather wine-fuelled evening with Dave and Diane, some of rjk's parents' oldest friends.

Got up in time to wish Bernie happy birthday and see him playing with his new birthday present (a pressure washer of all things) before the drive back up, which was straightforward, not too slowed by traffic for most of the way, and best of all involved the car actually starting again after lunch, which has always got to be good. Nice to come back the route Andrew used up the A1/A505 too, since we were warned of queues on the M11.

Plans for the rest of today involve catching up on geek stuff a little, and then heading out to deliver a pile of libdem leaflets. Some of which are a little late. Oops. Maybe we should invite some people round for dinner or something. Hmm. See how tired we are. It is a long drive, though thankfully not as long as the one up to my parents. Back to work tomorrow.

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