Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Nice evening yesterday actually. Thai at the Osbourne Arms, followed by makb3th at the Junction, which cjwatson has described pretty well. It really was rather good, although I felt like I was missing lots. I think it was just a shame the audience wasn't bigger. And I don't think the interactive laptops worked very well, but never mind. I now have a key with an * on, which I'm not quite sure what to do with but want to keep. After that we headed on up to the Carlton to join people for a drink. Nice to meet Simon's friend Sarah, and sorry if we were a bit overwhelming all turning up in a horde like that. After that then home and geek for a bit then bed. Interesting. Not enough sleep mind, and too much beer. I suspect the last couple of days have rather scotched my chances of losing any weight this week but never mind. I'll get back there, so long as I'm not going repeatedly the wrong way it's not a problem

Need to sort out bike though: it's still not correctly picking up the tension in the chain when I change up a gear, and sometimes leaves it loose enough to drop off the front chainring. Easy to fix, but a nuisance, especially when it's as mucky as it is at the moment. Chainbath on order to help fix this last aspect anyway.

Nice pics of the misc m34t at: http://www.batten.eu.org/~igb/meat/
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