Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Feel like answering *my* version, so if you don't want clues don't read this before you've had a go yourself in previous entry.

My real name: Eleanor Catherine Blair
Where did we meet: the womb, or Northallerton, depends how you count it
How long have you known me: around 28 years
How well do you know me: not perfectly, but better than most
Do I smoke: not often
When you first saw me what did you think: dunno, it was a long time ago, and I didn't half look different back then
My hair & eye colour (bonus points for natural hair): naturally dark brown, more grey than most realise, after the 2 inches of root very faded dark reddish purple, and with a streak at the front which is currently a faded pink. Eyes are grey-blue.
Have you ever had a crush on me: don't think so
What's one of my favourite things to do: *ribbit*
One of the first things I said to you: mostly if talkig to myself out loud it's telling myself to stop something, usually being daft
What's my favourite type of music: don't have a favourite I don't think
What's my best physical feature: no idea. I like my smile
Am I shy or outgoing: outgoing, with a hidden shy streak
Would you say I'm funny: most people are, but yeah, sometimes. Other people are more so.
Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: more of a rule follower really
Any special talents I have: erm
Would you consider me a friend: I think I would actually, interesting
Have you ever seen me cry: yes
A good nickname for me would be: LNR, hey I like it
Am I in love, and with who: yes. Jan and Iain and Richard. There are other people I still love, but I wouldn't say I was in love with them any more. David as the most obvious example.
Say anything to me here: you need more sleep!
Have I ever been hospitalised and what for: not overnight.
Have I ever had a crush on you: not that I noticed
Am I a Goth: I dunno really. Part-time goth maybe.
Tags: meme

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