Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Ow, now my knees hurt

Yesterday I ached all over, including the bumps on my head. Today my knees hurt, have mysterious grazes on them and I have a blister. Not bad going though for 2 hours of solid dancing. I haven't done that in a looong time now and it did feel good. Must learn to dance some way that doesn't knacker my knees so much though.

Was lovely to celebrate with pizza and bubbly with Jan, and very kind of Simes to give those of us who were up for it a lift down to the Calling. Nicolai and RRW and Davefish were there, and Matthew and Sarah came along too which was cool. Can't recall if there was anyone else I knew (other than Jan, August, Simon T, E-J and Andrew who came with us). Nice to meet Hannah, though I'm pretty sure I have met her before in Oxford: the voice and the face are very familiar even if the hair and the tattoo and the piercings are new. But it's 5 years since I left Oxford, which is a scary thought.

Stayed til the bitter end, and taxied back to Jan's where she had to wake poor Sion up because she'd forgotten her keys. And August kindly let me ride his bike back to mine and walked with me, which was cool because my feet were hurting by then and I like stealing other people's bikes. Nice bike anyway, and not too much too big for me. Bloody late by the time I got home though. Oh well, off to work any minute for a 9:30 meeting. I suspect it's going to seem quite long.

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