Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


It's been a good if tiring weekend, but I'm glad I took today off to recover.

Friday we were terribly organised and hence invited people round for the evening at about 6pm. Unsurprisingly most people had other plans though, so we had a fairly quiet evening with Sion, some music, some pizza (for them) and a vast heap of stir-fry for me. It was nice just to mooch and not do much really.

Saturday as I say was characterised mostly by the colour pink. Andrew picked us up around 2:30, then Sion, and then we headed over to Oxford. Was much faster in Andrew's car than it would have been in ours I'm sure, but I wish we could work out the route the mini with the bike on the top took between Milton Keynes and the A34 in order to work out how the hell it got ahead of us again in order for us to have to overtake it again. It sounds like it could certainly save some time. Arrived in Oxford rather too early and was touch by how pleased Chris' housemate Steve was to see a car full of vaguely goth types arriving. It was a fun evening, though I wish I could have cheered Richard up some more towards the end. Perhaps we should stick to going to parties where we can run away early if either of us is not very with it. Dozing off gently to the sounds a a game of Mao and a group of people quoting and discussing Revelation is mildly disturbing to say the least. Especially when the person reading out the text has such a wonderfully sonorous voice. Lovely to see Chris again.

Sunday morning we woke too early and giggled a bit, then zogged a bit and ate leftover brownies and crisps (yum). Pottered over to Blackbird Leys to say hi to Jac and co, and see baby photos - aww! Picked up a bag of books belonging to Jan and then dropped her in Summertown to visit Art and set off to drive back. Went the long way round (M40, M25, A1(M), A505) which took around the same amount of time as the way there, due to the ability to go too fast all the way, instead of just some of it :-). Got back and pottered over to the Carlton on my own to join uk.misc as Richard was feeling too tired. Lovely to see Linz, August and James again, and nice to meet Old Bloke, Mary, Ian, Robert? Campbell and his girlfriend who may or may not have been called Karen. Much nice time was had, followed by much curry. Nice.

Headed back with L, OB and A to ours, for hot chocolate and fireworks before bed, which was nice. At this point Jan, who had been hoping to join us and had been eagerly looked forward to finally managed to persuade the trains to get her back in the right city, but it was just too late for her to come and join us really, which was a shame.

Planning on spending today going zog anyway, though poor Richard decided he couldn't afford the time off work. Short week ahead with easter coming up, and another long drive, this time to Bournemouth to visit rjk's parents. Tuesday with Jan, though I doubt we'll be awake enough for the Calling. Wednesday is Makb3th at the Junction, which sounds mad and interesting. Thursday will be the pub. Feel like I need a break :-)

Big thanks to Andrew though for the driving and the company, very much appreciated.

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