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Weekly weigh in

This week I gained 8lb. This means I'm 5 lbs outside the 3lb each way leeway I have at target. So I need to lsoe 5 lbs next week or start paying for classes again for a while until I get back within range. Never mind, I've had a rather splendid two weeks off. I know I can put weight on (like this) and lose it again, it would be nice to get the hang of smaller variations in time too.

Over the past 16 months of dieting I've lost 3st 12lb, which amounts to 25% of my starting weight - my current weight is 11st 4lb

My average loss a week is ¾lb

My target weight is 10st 10lb. I am currently 0st 8lb away from this.

My current BMI is 25.39; my target BMI is 24.11.

The past 16 months weight change
The past 4 months weight change
The past 16 months BMI change
The past 4 months BMI change

See http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~eleanorb/weight/ for more details.


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