Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Happy Pills

Off to the docs soon for another doze of happy pills. Dunno if I need them. Talk to him about it maybe. I seem pretty good at the moment (other than worrying about if rjk is OK, and a bit about work). And I definitely think they must be at least a factor in the weirdness of my sexual responses at the moment (mentally can be very interested but actually getting anywhere is annoying, or even *feeling* much in the way of physical stimulation sometimes, despite it being things which would normally feel *good*). Don't want to assume it's just the pills though or it'd be even more upsetting if things don't perk up once I'm not taking them, IYSWIM.

A reduced dose might be the answer, but I'm bad enough at remembering one-a-day (I seem to have forgotten 2 of them over the last 30 days, judging from how many are left in the packet) and every-other-day I'd just never manage. *giggle* I'd have to set up a cron job to remind me or something.

Update: Pah. Didn't breach subject of effect on sex to doc, just said I was feeling much better, and nodded meekly and agreed when he said it was best to carry on with them for now. He wants to see a prolonged period of being OK before stopping the pills, which makes sense, but I'm such a wimp sometimes. Oh well, it only took about a minute, and then 20 mins waiting in the chemist.

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