Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


[Spell your name backwards]

[The story behind your LJ user name]
Been a nickname for years, initially came from getting a high score on a computer game, being given a grid of letters to choose my initials from, and discovering it had no vowels. That must be well over 10 years ago now.

[Are you a lesbian?]
Only when drunkards assume I am, in which case proud to be.

[How old?]

[Where do you live?]

[4 words that sum you up]
Smiling, loved, lazy, optimist.


Just over Credit card sized with a zip at the top. Various patterns over the years, currently silver with mirrors on. Fits 4 bits of plastic, as many notes as I currently have and change. I travel light.

Black, sproingy thing with the metal pins with plastic blobs on the end, rather than bristles.

Electric. On the principle that even if I'm being fairly lazy in using it I might stand a chance of doing a halfway decent job with it.

[Jewelry worn daily]
Two rings, silver, one with a celtic knot pattern, the other a sort of foliage-like swirly thing, both middle fingers. Earrings: usually 3 hoops in one ear one in the other, rainbow beads on the two that match. Nose stud, usually just silver and tiny. Belly button piercing, currently the blue titatium one, swaps with the pink one and the stainless steel one.

[Pillow cover]
Burgundy or Navy cotton on one, green/blue pattern on the other. Amazingly they vaguely go.

Not usually (a duvet which matches the patterned pillow), but I own a big red one I bought in Morocco and love, and a daft tiger stripe fleece one which is lovely and toasty warm.

[Coffee cup]
Black, with "WTF?" on the side in big white letters, from http://www.thinkgeek.com

Oval black ones, with silver frames, and pink/purple tinted ones. Love buying cheap sunglasses though, which is cool cos it means I don't mind if I lose them.

Currently matching black velvet from M&S, OK so I have a date *blush* Most often just black cotton knickers and black slightly more fancy bra.

10 hole Doc boots, well loved.

Um, small shoulder bag at the moment, but I don't think of it as a handbag. Usually travel light. It's patchwork and black cord anyway, surprisingly roomy for its small size, and is cycleable with. Needed as I have no pockets today.

[Favorite trousers]
Dunno. I own only 3 pairs: stretch black jeans which are fading and too baggy round the bum, black cheapo combats from the market which have slightly too small a waist really and so aren't as comfy as I'd hoped, and a dark purple velvet pair from the second hand stall on the market which I don't wear much. The last probably win though.

Not usually. Definitely like my mum's Chanel No 19. Expensive stuff though.

[CD in stereo right now]
At home, Sheryl Crow, Tuesday Night Music Club, which I was listening to last night.

Maybe some time, not seen anything I like enough to want forever. Temporary ones are fun for parties though.

See habitual jewellry.

[What you are wearing now]
See underwear/jewellry/boots, plus thick black tights, short black dress, homemade lace choker necklace that's now too big. Also have thick black ribbed rollneck jumper, which I might put back on in a minute.

Short. Currently getting rather shaggy, was grade 3 at the back when last done but now nearing 2 inches long, longer on top and especially at front. Dyed dark reddish purplish over most of it, but faded enough so the roots don't look crap. Bleached stripe in front which is alternating between red and purple, currently fading from latter and somewhat pinkish.

Goth eyeliner and lipstick sometimes at parties or clubs, nailvarnish more often, usually chipped though. Otherwise none.

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are) -

[In my mouth]
My tongue

[In my head]
August mostly, but then I'm nervous about tonight's date.

It goes well :-)

[After this]
Lunch with Jan.

[Talking to]


No strong ones.

[If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who and for what reason?]

[Person you wish you could see right now]
Myself, years ago, and see if I looked like such a fool as I sometimes feel looking back.

[Is next to you]
Desk stuff.

[Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]
Porn, glasto, just spending time with the people I love.

[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]
Deathly? Not really. Mildly: teeth falling out.

[Do you like candles]

[Do you like hot wax]
Not tried since many many years ago, wasn't that impressed then, might be more so now.

[Do you like incense]
Sometimes, tends to be a bit cloying.

[Do you like the taste of blood]

[Do you believe in love]

[Do you believe in soul mates]

[Do you believe in love at first sight]
Not quite at first sight, but at first meeting and talking, yeah, I guess so.

[Do you believe in Heaven]

[Do you believe in forgiveness]
Yes. Though I wish I could always manage it easier.

[Do you believe in God]

[Who is your worst enemy?]

[If you could have any animal for a pet]

[What is the latest you've ever stayed up]
All night.

[Ever been to Belgium?]

[Can you eat with chopsticks]

[What's your favorite coin?]

[What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?]
Dunno, there are probably lots I'd be happy in, but for now I'd rather stay here.
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