Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Lovely evening round at Jan's. Stayed up too late when I got home though and tired again today. Plus seem to have another dodgy tummy so am working from home (since the nearest loo to our office is too far away for convenience). Hopefully it's just another of those 24 hour things. Should be able to get plenty done from here though.

Just realised what was slightly disturbing about the Harry Potter slash I was reading the other day (the things that were very disturbing about it were immediately obvious): it's in English. Doh! Mind I don't think I'd have the vocabulary for the French translation of it. Nearly finished book 2 of the French translations of the originals though. Can definitely feel my French improving in the process too. Was interesting to do a bit of translation for someone as part of their research during my lunch break yesterday. Don't think I made a very good job of it mind.
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