Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

What a lovely day

I like weddings. I think I especially like weddings with lots of friends around to talk to. Especially when they're all being dressed up. Col probably just wins best-dressed geek due to actually having real cufflinks. Andrew W probably next most dapper, but lots and lots and lots of honourable mentions and they're all so damned cute
Learning not to be so wistful about Simon, and at least I can tease him a bit. Also trying to learn to let Richard have a bit more freedom. It seems only fair, and if it makes him happy...
So long as he keeps being reassuring about how much he cares I think I'll be fine. Although I do worry that it's just that he fancies other people more than he does me, which isn't a great feeling, but he's doing pretty well at convincing me otherwise ;-)

[No longer friends-only]
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