Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Good party

Pleasant party at Sion and Jan's last night. Arrived early enough to go help Jan get changed, and was so terribly helpful in this process (well, I narrowed it down to "shiny" and she kind of made it up from there). Had a couple of glasses of wine and some of the glorious parkin and the ginger chocolate and then just mostly spent the evening relaxing. Had a very pleasant massage from Simes (though explaining just *why* the bergamot oil was making my shoulders go so pink was amusing), who is a perfect gentleman. Snuggled Jan lots and had a chat and I hope we're both feeling less bad about things now than we were.

Pleasant lie in this morning and now the plans for today are: fix bike, deliver leaflets for libdems, go out for a ride, if time hoover upstairs and/or mow lawn, cook dinner while rjk's off catching up with Jan in the afternoon, and then Jan and Sion are joining us for dinner.

[Update: bike fixed, leaflets delivered, 6.5 miles in 25 mins, hoovering done, dinner on. Bloody hell that's productive.]

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