Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Of meeces and delivery men

Shiny new mouse arrived, at some point in the last few days, though possibly this morning as rjk noted he heard a delivery van around at some point. They didn't knock, they didn't leave a note, they just left the box sitting in the bin cupboard on top of the bin. Wouldn't have found it til Tuesday night if we hadn't had a takeaway curry.

Computer still very reluctant to come back up after being powered down, so I shall just have to try make sure I rarely have to power it down. Tempted to upgrade it at some point soon: rjk suggests new motherboard and case should be sufficient, and possibly new soundcard. No reason why I can't afford it really, just never been that fussed since this one seems fast enough to me. But then I said that of the 486 up until the point I stopped using it almost, and definitely appreciated the upgrade when it finally came. Wonder if I should try get a newer Windows while I'm at it. Win95 utterly obsolete and really pretty useless, but I don't really use it much anyway. Will have a think.

Off over to Karen's in a bit, have enough sins to drink to moderate excess and not regret it. Will try drag august along.

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