Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Lovely evening!

So it was a party night at my slimming class tonight, and those are often nice, but this one seemed better than they often are, perhaps because it was a bit smaller, so you actually got to grab some food and sit down and chat rather than being stuck in a huddle/queue around the table. And we voted on the target-member-of-the-year which was nice and all was good (OK I put a pound on, but give I lost *4* last week and I've been being a big piggish while Steph's staying I figure I've not done too bad over all. just ahve to make up for it next week).

Then off to the pub to discover that we do all fit in the Green Dragon, if cosily. To meet a nice chap from the FreeBSD lot, who made me an excellent origami bow-tie out of a ten pound note, which greatly impressed the bar staff when I spent it. And simont had brought tshirts so I went and put mine on and lo it fitteth and looketh good. [Good enough to send Jan all snuggly, *nice* effect, must get rjk to photo at some point]. And sat and talked to nice people, and Steph had a good time, and discovered one can have a slight moth-to-the-flame effect with a 3-LED bike light, which was somewhat unexpected. Mmmm, nice boy. Must behave.

And then to MMDA for coffee. And much amusement at beeblebears and crap beanbags. And I can astral polevault properly without having to give up and sit down for bit of it. Twice. I am *so* impressed at that you wouldn't believe it if you didn't see how bad I was last time I tried that. Being thinner probably helps a bit there. And either I'm taller than I thought or Becky is shorter. The former of which makes me less overweight of course, and Becky was measured at the hospital, so they should know better than my crap tape measure and a pencil mark on a door frame right? Wishful thinking rules OK.

And I beat rjk and steph back despite the fact I cycled and they drove, but then they did pick a daft route. Caught me by surprise though. Only problem is my throat's now a bit weird from talking too loud and sitting in a smokey pub. But I think it might just have been worth it... Now where's that camera.

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