Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Nice day:councillor?

Pleasant drive over to Ely with Jan and a potter round the Cathedral, which was very pretty indeed in the early evening sunshine. Soon became obviously it's still only early spring though as it cooled quickly as the sun got lower in the sky and we both found ourselves wishing we'd gone out with more clothes. Back in time for a coffee with rjk before he went out to the pictures with Vicky, Jan stayed a little longer to chat and then headed home for dinner with Sion.

Quiet evening in as a result, pleasant thai style stirfry for dinner, caught up with LJ and news and so on, had a nice relaxing bubble bath (which my hairdye turned entertainingly pink) and managed to get my Tantrix score up to 600. I seem to be getting better perhaps, I don't think I'm necessarily beating the current robot all that many more times than I was previously but when I do lose it's not by such a large margin and I've often been able to beat it down to at least a draw.

Just had a call from the LibDems too, and it looks like I probably am going to stand as a councillor for Kings Hedges ward, which might be entertaining anyway. Vetting process underway anyway, and I am assured it's not painful. Wonder if poly relationships count as anything the party might find embarrassing?

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