Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

cam.misc meet:parties

Had a very good time at a cam.misc meet last night, though I fear I may have made a little of a drunken ass of myself (not to mention joining the lib dems). Put lots of faces to names, which is always nice, and drank nice beer and whisky. Wandered down to Simon's flatwarming briefly after they threw us out. (I think rjk would rather have gone sooner, but didn't seem to want to go on ahead without me). Nice to see people there briefly too anyway, fanf now exists as a result, and Jan and I shared a bowl of lovely simon-friendly trifle courtesy of Mary. (Sorry if we ate more than you would have liked us to, and sorry if me being so drunk was a contribution to feeling crap. I was a bit short on social graces by that point of the evening I'm afraid.)

Quiet day today anyway and then SimonB's birthday party this evening, which I'm looking forward to. I think I've had enough to drink for this week though really, so I might just stick to the fizzy pop for the most part today. I've still got 2 weeks before the point at which I told myself I'd make my mind up about weight targets, so I'm at least going to try and make the effort to lose some more over these two weeks if I can.
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