Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Good advice

If the description of the beer says "5%", the level in the glass says "1/2 a pint", the barperson says "drink up please" and Jan says "go on then, down it", this does not mean it's a good idea to follow Jan's advice. Or then again maybe it does, hic. It's always interesting being this drunk, and feeling mostly ok until you try and do things which require physical co-ordination, like say leaning a bike on the kickstand, or typing. Mmmmm, beer though.

Oh yeah, and if you want sensible comments on wibbles don't mention porn, but yeah you knew that already. Rjk seems to think it's OK, my diary shows nothing on the 15th or 22nd of March, and not much in April, thought the 19th etc is Easter w/e and hence should be kept free. I should co-ordinate with Jan and suggest whichever weekends are relevant to dodgy Steve and see if we can organise our dirty w/e in Keighley. Must take Jan up on the railway to Haworth and visit Bronte parsonage while we're up there.

Um, hic.

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