Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Today and later

Today: lots more sleep, still tired but not completely zogged any more. A bit more work, though still not really up to par. A nice lunch with Jan, even if it was far too slow and far too sinful really. I think I may just decide 11 stone is my target soon and stay here, since I don't seem to be able to stay interested in losing any more.

Looking forward to class regardless, and pub after. Also looking forward too much already to Friday and weekend. Need to work out how to fit enough sleep in amongst cam.misc meets, housewarmings, anniversaries, and birthday parties. Definite plans for proper date with Jan next week, since lately we've not been "alone in a room" together much. Need to check rjk is still OK with me being a porn star and then get round to sorting out dirty weekend for that too in the not too distant future.

Made doctors appt for Monday (to get more happy pills), need to go shopping to find a birthday present for my sister, since my parents are visiting her at the end of the month. Also need to buy flowers, since mum sent me some money to do so with. Feeling slightly angsty about life, the universe and everything atm. Worried I'm just being hypocritical in enjoying time with Jan while rjk's not seeing much of Vicky. Worried they're not seeing much of each other because I've been stressy at him, don't want to cause that. Don't feel like I know where anything's going at the moment, for me or him or both. For both I guess it doesn't matter too much so long as we go there together (fx: vom), but still.

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