Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Thursday I decided I was just too shattered and headachy to go into work, so instead I got some work done from home and then spent most of the rest of the day reading or sleeping. Class seemed to be a bit more positive than it has been lately, which was good, it seems like the entire class including the consultant has been feeling a bit not with it for the last few weeks, hopefully it'll begin to get over it, because I think it used to be a really good class. Came home for dinner then made it over to the pub in time for a drink and a chat, but didn't stay to the bitter end.

Friday was a day I'd booked off as holiday, so I could feel completely happy about staying in bed. Pottered round the house, geeked a bit, finished a couple of books, got lots of washing done, that sort of thing. Went round to Sion and Jan's in the evening for dinner, which in this case we took along with us in a variety of plastic boxes, and then had the usual messy fun of trying to eat taco shells and chilli without getting stuff everywhere. Got to ride over in Jan's car which was cool, especially the lit-up trafficators. Came back far too late really, so I'm a bit tired today.

Want to somehow fit in seeing Owen Massey (who is visiting Jan), Stu (visiting Fi) and ceb's party today, but I think some of them might fall by the wayside. Might do some sanding and painting if I suddenly get a burst of enthusaism from somewhere but it seems unlikely :-)

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