Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Quiet Friday night in, and when we got up on Saturday August had headed off back to Soctland, leaving his bike in the garage, our keys on the table, and a note inviting us round to dinner next week once he moves into the new place around the corner. 1 bed house, with spiral staircase apparently, for only 20 quid a month more than the most tempting of the flats.

Saturday we did sod all: finished the Athenian Murders, read a big chunk of Jan's rather good victorian porn, and then people began to arrive for the party in the evening: with the amazing instaparty that is Simes, E-J, Karen, Simon and Fi being the first and bringing food. Pleasant evening anyway, lots of other people around, Got to meet Jan's lovely new car, though couldn't think a name of her. Giggled at Matthew, when invited to put something more interesting on Jan's chest, replacing the velcro letters so they read "my hands". Ate lots but nearly all sin free, including chickpea and potato things courtesy of Simes, and a lovely fruit salad made by Jan: ginger syrup and lime juice does indeed make a lovely fruit salad dressing. I also adapted the recipe for couscous dumplings in Mobbsy's journal recently and made savoury flapjacks instead (mostly because I couldn't get it to stick in balls mind). Drank nice whiskey, since you can sit and sip at that and enjoy it without actually drinking very much over the evening.

As a result not hungover this morning but very tired, and suffering from slightly worse period pains than I normally do. They're only little twinges, but normally I only get one or two instead of them carrying on all day. Bit of a sore throat too, must keep an eye on it. Going through the books from the bedroom I discovered the Philip Pullman Jan bought me for Christmas (Count Karlheim), and spent the afternoon curled up on the sofa in the spare room reading that and then dozing. Feeling very daunted by the pile of washing up whenever I venture downstairs, which is not a good sign.

Update: Oh yeah, daftest thing at party last night was probbaly my clothes. When the instaparty arrived I was just wearing a boring black tshirt dress and they were all dresseed up purty so I figured I'd go get changed. But E-J thought this was a great idea and I should continue doing it all evening. In the end I think I went though 8 outfits, to much giggling. No photos though. Now I've just got to put them all away again :-)

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