Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


LJ unavailable from work due to the DDOS attack documented at http://status.livejournal.com/ - cam.ac.uk appears to be amongst the block os IPs being filtered out.
Can read using lynx on chiark, but not very usable so probably won't bother.
IRC quiet today, rjk home ill again. Feeling very lonely.
Slimming class tonight, and I just want to run away and not bother going: which I guess is evidence enough that I really need to be there. Trying to phase good eating habits back in again but really not succeeding well. This has to be the crappest week I've ever had I think in terms of food. Dunno what to do about it though, can't seem to get my motivation back despite feeling fatter and finding my clothes getting a bit tighter again.
Slight headache, and bored of work.

In better news at least today was payday, advantages of a short month. Still got to try cut back a bit on spending though.
Had a very pleasant evening last night: August is stayin for a few days while he flat hunts, and jaffa came over to join us for dinner and we had a nice time. Nice food, nice company, always a good combination. Homemade satay works quite well as well.
Haven't burst into tears in quite a few days, probably means the ADs are at least partly working, still feel a bit dazed and confused and pointless and listless though. Just have to keep working on it.

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