Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


So we *were* going to spend today painting the bedroom. Successfully shifted all the furniture other than the bed, put masking tape round the window frame, the electrical sockets and the light fittings. Covered the room in a big polythene dust sheet. So we're faffing about washing up and having lunch and doing the washing up, more or less ready to go, when we realise the drains are blocked. Tried sink unblocker goop: no luck. Tried prodding it with a hosepipe, no luck. So we've resorted to calling a chappie out. 15 mins he said though, so that's not bad. Hopefully the rates on a Sunday afternoon before 5 aren't as bad as Sunday evenings either. And the maybe we'll find time to do some painting.

Must at least be able to move ourselves out of the spare room by the time August wants to come and crash for a few days again while flat hunting.
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