Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

busy busy

I'm obviously not the only one who has been updating their pics today, I like Kaet's new one. Need some more of my own really, and some way of deciding which to use for what, but for now this one can be the default since it looks the nicest.

Steph's probably staying until Friday or Sunday depending on whether she goes to stay with a friend in Luton for a couple of days. She's got a job interview in London on Saturday on the strength of a CV emailed out this afternoon and it would be silly to head all the way up to Leeds only to have to head back again at the weekend.

Looking forward to a couple of busy evenings before that, curry tomorrow, pub on Thursday, cinema on Friday to see Minority Report which looks vaguely promising in a Hollywood action film sort of way. Beside, Tom Cruise is still pretty cute. All this should stop Steph from feeling quite so bored as she obviously was today at least.

Early morning tomorrow for the monthly COs meeting. Hopefully it won't take me a whole hour to be human again tomorrow morning though, but I've asked Caroline to pass on my apoloigies if it makes me late, I'm not going to make myself really ill by trying to cycle in that state. Got a fairly useful amount of stuff done today anyway, despite being knackered, so that's good.

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