Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Oddish sort of day.

Got up at a fairly normal sort of time and geeked for a bit, then called the doctor to make an appointment and geeked some more. Went to get dressed and was interrupted by the postman knocking on the door to bring me a lovely bunch of flowers from jaffa, as a cheer up present. Really appreciated! So I faffed some more enjoying putting them in a vase so they'd look nice, found some breakfast, finished getting dressed.

At this point I then realised it was already 5 past 10 and nearly collapsed in a puddle of angst at the thought of arriving in work so late (I aim for 9:30, it takes me around 15 mins to get there), havign to go into town to find lunch since I hadn't got round to making any to take with me, and then leaving early for my doctors appointment. Realised how horrible it was making me feel wasn't a good sign, and figured I'd get more done if I just worked from home instead. And I did indeed get a fair amount done in the end, though perhaps not as much as I might have liked. Did some faffing around the house too, and hung out on irc and tried to help Jan feel a bit better. I do hope that a lot of feeling so bad is just the result of being physically run down though, and having missed a couple of pills over the weekend.

Dashed off to the doctors for 4:10, and was amused to discover Karen had the appointment immediately after mine. Dr Perry basically said that the 3 months I've already had were the minimum he would usually recommend for taking prozac, and than some doctors recommend at least 6 months. He also said that in trying to come off them I'd just been performing a sort of experiment which he would probably have advised himself at some point: seeing if I was still OK if I stopped taking them, given I seemed to be OK with them. The results of the experiment were quite clearly that I did need some more, so some were duly prescribed. Was also reassured that he could tell that my outwardly cheery character doesn't necessarily mean I'm OK inside, which was cool.

Met up with Karen once we'd both finished and collected our happy pills and bought pink things for the slimming class valentines hamper. Wandered back to hers and chatted over coffee and the fortean times for a bit, and watched with bemusement how easily a cat can destroy a jigsaw puzzle. Got back home in time to discover one of the more odd aspects of the way my friends tend to detail all the minutae of what they're doing: seeing Vicky going off to have a quick shower before rjk went round to visit. I have to admit that one was a bit weird. Said hi to rjk briefly when he got in, and then Jan called to say her and Sion were up to dinner after all, which was just as well as I would have had an awful lot of lasagne left otherwise.

Had a couple of glasses of wine and 2 slices of garlic bread with my lasagne, and a rather nice pudding afterwards made my filling a bowl with frozen summer fruit, mixing in 28g of porridge oats, spooning fromage frais over the top and then leaving it in the fridge all afternoon. Yum. Had a nice evening anyway, even if Jan did still feel rough and headed off pretty early to go home and soak in the bath. Hope she's feeling better tomorrow. Had a bath myself too, and discovered the red streak in my hair turned the bubbles an impressive shade of pink. Ended up feeling a little down again later this evening, but not too bad really, and catching up on some usenet cheered me up again. Hope to have a productive day at work tomorrow anyway, and certainly to get in at a sensible time for a change!

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