Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

On the EU referendum

An old friend of mine called Dom spent his lunchbreak today writing a cartoon about the EU referendum, which I thought summed it up quite well, regardless of which side you're on. I asked if it was OK to post a transcription, and he agreed.


I live in the UK and my country is having this weird debate right now...
[image of UK map, and Dom with a UK flag]

There's this crazy monster bureaucracy called the EU and it's enormously expensive and makes laws that cause all sorts of trouble
[image of rampaging dinosaur]

So some people reckon we should leave it (obvious, you'd think)
[image of Leave campaigners]

But there's a catch... No nation is history has ever benefited from isolation
[image of Easter Island head]

So there's another bunch of people who believe we should remain because the benefits vastly outweigh the costs
[image of Remain campaigners]

So this debate must be fascinating, right? History in the making and all that? Well... nope. The two sides have spent the whole debate lying, making stuff up, and trying to scare the public. It's pretty sad.
[image of angry red faced person, Boris Johnson with a LOL placard, Darth Vader with an EU flag]

If these politicians could all just be ignored that would be great, but I still have to decide which way to vote...
[image of ballot paper with options Remain, Leave and Wut?! - with Wut?! crossed]

So for the last month I've been reading as much about the issues as I can
As far as I can see it comes down to these factors
[image of coffee and a computer]

* As an institution the EU is simply not good
[image of a row of mostly white men in suits, one of whom appears to be passed out]

* Leaving will definitely hurt our economy, but not because the EU makes us wealthy so much as because international perceptions of our EU membership are overwhelmingly positive
[images of Obama and a money bag]

* Trade deals aren't the issue. Even if new deals cost more it wouldn't be much
[image of money being exchanged between two hands ]

* None of the problems of immigration will be solved by leaving. We don't have too much immigration, just a lack of policy for helping the communities it affects
[image of a queue of people and a No Entry sign]

* Neither remaining nor leaving will stop TTIP, "save" the NHS or mean the end of bad laws
[image of an ambulance]

* Neither remaining nor leaving will prevent a recession if the Euro fails
[image of map of Italy with a parachute]

In the end the only thing I'm completely confident of is that the vast majority of the votes cast next week will be for the wrong reasons - people voting Remain because they think all the Leave supporters are racist UKIP supporters, or people voting Leave because they don't accept that in the modern world no nation is independent and national pride is not hurt by working together

In the end I've decided to vote Remain, but it's definitely not because they won the debate...
It's because making a huge change based on a debate like this would be CRAZY!
[image of emoticon not smiling, with tongue out]

In conclusion: This should not have been a referendum
[image of Kermit looking despairing with hand on face]

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