Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Once and Future Things

Oh my, I haven't posted anything since August. Since then:

  • I had horrid toothache but all cured by antibiotics from the emergency dentist
  • Had to get new glasses frames for Matthew having broken the arms off (oops)
  • Been on holiday to Norfolk and:
    • Been on a steam train
    • Been to the seaside
    • Ridden a boat on a broad
    • Went on assorted bike rides - we now have a child seat for the back of my bike so we can go on trains
    • Went to Bewilderwood and enjoyed climbing things and zip wires and mazes
  • Watched Matthew getting faster and faster on his balance bike, happily now riding well over a mile there and back to places on it.
  • Acquired some herons on the side of the big bike
  • Visited Evan and Gina in Lydney:
    • visited Clearwell Caves (though the above ground bits were more fun for Matthew).
    • Let granny and grandad have a few hours playing with Matthew while we went and had a lovely lunch with Phil and Karen in the pub :)
    • had Val, Pete and Alice join us too, for a lovely big family gathering
    • Enjoyed the woods and the playground
  • Found a lizard in the shed! In October!
  • Had a fab day out at Anglesey Abbey with the Sing and Sign bunch - so much fun with leaves
  • Took an afternoon off for a belated wedding anniversary treat with Mike and had lunch and cocktails and a walk along the river in the sunshine
  • Sort of met the NCT group at the Botanic Gardens, but actually mostly just missed them due to being delayed. Still nice to see many of them briefly
  • Decorated a pumpkin and made bats and carved a swede for Halloween - but no trick-or-treating
  • Seen fireworks from the house, but too tired to go out late to a proper display

There has been lots of painting and baking and riding and parks and toy trains and bricks and all the toy cars as well, and generally life is good (but tiring). Work is busy, and morale isn't great since James is off sick and we've got an IT Review on the near horizon and it's no secret the Head of Department thinks we're too expensive and wants to cut costs and possibly staff. We did have a really lovely little gathering last Wednesday afternoon to wish Helen a lovely wedding on Saturday, and are planning a Christmas decorations competition along the corridor. I blame the bubbly. In terms of the Union I'm officially not standing again for the committee (the AGM is the end of this month) but am still involved with the IT Review taking place at the Cavendish Lab (which so far sounds like a rather more positive affair, with the unions invited in early rather than because it's all going horribly pear-shaped).

In terms of future plans next weekend we are going to see The Gruffalo at the Arts Theatre with Lucy and Ed too, and the following weekend I'm having a big birthday party at the Memorial Hall (if you haven't had an invitation and would like to come let me know!), and the weekend after that will be more birthday celebrations with all the family. Looking forward to it all, even if I'm a bit snowed under with preparations at the moment.


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