Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Things wot I have done on my holidays and otherwise

Ann and Ivan came to visit, and babysat while Mike and I went out for a lovely chinese meal to celebrate Mike's birthday
We all had a nice day visiting Ickworth House, and enjoyed exploring the gardens and the playground
I finally found new Doc Martens Mary Janes in a style I like

Virgin Media finally conceded they *could* connect our house to their cable network so after 5 years we now have modern broadband speeds
We spent the bank holiday cycling to Shepreth Wildlife Park in the sunshine, and enjoyed the playgrounds, soft play and bouncy castle most
We went to Visit Pete, Val and Alice in London, with a pub lunch, a bouncy castle, icecream, and a lovely park
Saw baby moorhens at the Botanic Gardens and played on the stepping stones
Discovered Harston Rec with its big slide and zip wire - to become a new favourite park
Had a day off on my own and went to see the Avengers film
Matthew tested at GP and referred to eye clinic as almost certainly long-sighted
Visiting Stansted Mountfichet Castle and the Toy Museum. The peacock on the top of the tower which we could hear but not see remained a topic of conversation for weeks.
Resorted to making tea in the gravy jug as Matthew broke the teapot
Got a nice new shed

Had a skin biopsy to see what the strange rash on my arm is
Bought a garden hose - Matthew's new favourite garden toy
Had a marvellous holiday in Italy with family to celebrate Ann and Ivan's ruby wedding anniversary
Stayed in a Palladian Villa, ate lots of lovely food, enjoyed the sunshine, visited a water park and Este and Padova (mostly playgrounds) and enjoyed the time with family and friends. Matthew loved playing with his cousins
Read Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel - so good I want to mention it specifically. Still keeping up with reviewing all my reads this year via Goodreads: (my goodreads profile)
Matthew's childminder's daughter has chicken pox, and we quarantine him too due to a spotty rash even though it's not quite like chicken pox

Matthew visited the eye clinic and was prescribed glasses. Long-sighted by 7.5 dioptres in one eye and 8 in the other
I got the all clear on my skin biopsy - granuloma annulare - which will go away on its own in time
Matthew's rash clears up - only to be followed almost immediately by *real* chicken pox, and then hand food and mouth, somehow we survive more quarantine without going quietly distracted
We visited the opticians in the village and finally got his glasses when he was all clear of rashes
Matthew gets a grown up bed! and loves it
I realised the ipad that had been playing up strangely was actually damaged when I dropped it. Investigated repair but eventually sold for £30 as not working and bought a second hand one from Amazon instead.
An absolutely astonishing thunderstorm overnight one night, with masses of rain and almost non-stop lightning and a brief powercut
Visited the Dentist for the first time - teeth all fully or partly through and kept nicely clean
Had a lovely visit to Milton Maize Maze with friends and particularly enjoyed the ride on toy tractors and (oddly) the mini golf
Sold Matthew's buggy as we no longer use it, plus the stair gate that's been down for months - feels very grown up!
Mike bought a new bike, and we got a child seat for the back of his old bike so we can now make bike trips by train if we want

August so far
Lovely visit from Gina and Evan - belated birthday presents for Matthew, a takeaway curry tea, a trip to Wandlebury by bike on Sunday, lunch at Scotsdales and cake before they went home
An exciting day at work when one of our service machines broke and we spent the day hastily migrating software to a replacement - with a lot of success - not ideal! At least I missed the earlier excitements of machines dying in the machine room with lots of smoke, and parts of the university getting flooded after the thunderstorm and losing all its external network connectivity as well as assorted other IT services. There are advantages to being part time.
I have a sports watch thing which is tracking sleep and steps, but it was very cheap and is a bit rubbish. Seriously considering getting a fitbit charge HR to replace it at some point
Looking at new TV units for the living room, having moved furniture around -so grown up :)

In general
Matthew is now a proper talker, which is lovely. He had his 27 month review with the Health Visitor and is doing fine. His communication is great and his gross and fine motor skills are both well ahead for his age. He's generally much happier with the child minder, and has lots of fun there. Some tantrums, especially when both tired and hungry, but we're getting better at handling them.
He's enjoying painting and gluing and making holes with pencils in paper, anything with wheels, and especially road sweepers, books from the library, visiting any park he can and climbing on just about everything, making dens with sofa cushions, playing chase and spinning, playing with water (except in the bath), baking, and all sorts of other things.
My depression is much better controlled with a higher dose of anti-depressants, and the course of counselling with the university counselling service has helped a lot. We're taking a few weeks break then will have one more session to see how I'm doing and perhaps decide I'm well enough not to need more for now.

Looking forward to
Seeing family next weekend for mum's birthday
A week away in early September (precise location to be determined)
Seeing Margaret Atwood talk in Cambridge in late September with Paul
A return visit to Evan and Gina in October some time
Vaguely considering the Sisters of Mercy at the Roundhouse in October but it's a Sunday evening and there'd be trains to catch
My 40th birthday in November. Should I have a big party? A weekend away? No plans yet!

Photos - a brief selection

Ann and Ivan's visit:

Summer fun:


New glasses:

Out and about:

Evan and Gina's visit

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