Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Just post something already!

Keep meaning to do a proper catch up post on the last 3 months (eek) but the desire to do it "properly" means it hasn't happened. Anyway since January:

  • Me: Depression is mostly under control I think, but still taking the meds. Loving my current haircut and actually using straighteners when I dry it keeps it nice even when it only gets washed two or three times a week. I may be turning into a girl ;). I'm getting back into reading books again on a regular basis and have worked my way through a Pratchett, a Stephen King and an entire box set of the novels True Blood is based on. Mike and I are still enjoying our LoveFilm by post subscription, and it's cheaper now we dumped the Amazon Prime because we're no longer paying for the streaming content we never used anyway. We've caught up with season 4 of The Walking Dead and season 4 of True Blood recently, and enjoyed both. Perhaps something a bit less gruesome next?
  • Matthew: is two! How did that happen? He's going through phases of being inexplicably upset or grumpy, and has a bit of a habit of closing one eye or looking a bit cross-eyed when concentrating, which we're getting the GP to look into, but in general he's good fun a lot of the time, and increasingly chatty. We didn't throw him a birthday party but did make a cake, and he enjoyed blowing out candles and lots of presents. We did have a joint party with our NCT group, and have been celebrating with some of his other friends as they all turn 2 too. A few of them now have younger brothers or sisters
  • Family: We had a lovely post-Christmas visit to one set of Grandparents in Lydney in late January, and had great fun running round bits of the Forest. We also had a fab long weekend visiting Granny and Grandad in Mirfield, with trips out to Lotherton Hall with his cousins (and their cousins) and to Wentworth Castle. He's also had Easter hols trips to Anglesey Abbey and Wimpole Hall with his childminder, which he's really enjoyed. Just need to catch up with Pete and Val and Emily some time soon. Emily at least we know we'll see in June as we're looking forward to 40th wedding anniversary celebrations for mum and dad in Italy.
  • Work: work's going pretty well actually, getting stuff done, keeping on top of queries, and some new projects to try get my teeth in when I've got a spare moment. We'll ignore the politics of the internal review process, the ridiculous way they're treating our technicians in terms of work space during a building project, and the mild worries about people retiring and not being adequately replaced as Not My Problem. I've also decided being Data Protection Officer is Not My Problem too - especially if they can't get round to putting it on any other footing than casually asking me if I can do it.
  • UCU/USS: The Union officially accepted a pensions offer, which has now gone to a member consultation process. So it's possible something could change but highly likely that the end of our final salary scheme is in sight for next April, and though the career average scheme that replaces it will be an improvement on the existing career average scheme for newer members it's still not the result we were hoping for in terms of lots of the details. And the union itself is split over how the whole thing was handled and I'm somewhat disillusioned with the whole thing, and fed up of special sector conferences being called to make decisions more "democratic" than an all-member ballot, especially when they are called in Manchester. I'm considering stepping down from the local committee as I don't think the stress and responsibility is doing my mental health much good at the moment.
  • A bit random, and I'm sure I've left stuff out. Here's a big bunch of pics, so I've made them quite small, and you can click through if you want to see them bigger.


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