Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

On toasters

So when Mike and I first moved in together we bought a toaster. It wasn't a terribly expensive one, but it made toast, and occasionally we'd curse the fact it only really wanted to make small toast, so the edges of big slices of bread would remain untoasted, but it was by and large good enough, especially since we don't eat a lot of toast. Matthew however has toast fairly regularly, and I noticed earlier this year that not only did it only do small toast it also did small toast *unevenly*. It was time to get a new toaster.

Conveniently enough at just the moment I'd been lamenting this (and having big toast evenly toasted at Mum's house was driving the point home) I spotted a toaster on special offer on Ocado. £29.99 reduced from £49.99 - possibly a bargain? I'd looked at the toasters in John Lewis and they were all huge or ugly or expensive or all of the above, and I couldn't tell by looking if they'd fit big toast in or not anyway. So I figured why not, give the toaster a go.

So we bought one, and at first it seemed like a great buy - admittedly we only tried small bread in it - but it was really great for getting small bread back out of. After a few weeks though I was starting to get frustrated. My toast was still not evenly toasted. Then I tried to cook a slice from frozen using the toast-from-frozen button and burnt it to a crisp. I turned it down a notch and tried the next slice without the toast-from-frozen button, and this time it was only a bit burned, so I could scrape the black bits off and get away with it. But I'd had enough - I left a slightly grumpy review on Ocado - thinking it wasn't really a *broken* toaster, just a rubbish one, so I'd got what I paid for.

One week later Ocado ring me up and offer to refund me if I order another toaster and return the broken one. I explain that I don't think it's necessarily broken, just a bit naff, and it could have been just me with the burnt toast, but they are certain - and we even agree that as I've thrown away the box I can return the old one in the box from the new one. So this has been done. New toaster arrived on Friday and we gave it a whirl, one slice of bread, defrosted, cooked on 3 without the from-frozen button pressed, and this was the result:

WP_20140621_005 WP_20140621_006

Argh! My toast is still uneven. (And upside down, which makes me twitch slightly)

I emailed Ocado the photos, and they've offered to take this toaster back too and refund me. Still not sure whether to bother or not. I mean it toasts, it just doesn't toast very well. And we did give away the old toaster. But 30 quid for a rubbish toaster is a lot of money, even if it was 20 quid off. Bah!

Anyone recommend a decent toaster?
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