Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Happy Easter

This had become a bit of a state-of-the-Matthew blog, rather than strictly a journal about Me, but I guess a lot of the time that pretty much amounts to the same thing these days.

13 months old today, and enjoyed his first Easter egg:

He still has two more when he finishes that one :)

We had a lovely weekend with Granny and Grandad Blair last weekend - with a visit to the Nene valley railway to ride on a steam train. He did so much better with people visiting than he has when visiting other people and was full of smiles and fun.

In new things news this last week he's actually slept through the night twice, though with some rubbish nights in between. He's getting much more interested in eating, much to the childminder's relief too. And he's getting more independent in entertaining himself. We've had some fun jumping from standing to all fours yesterday (sort of falling, but more enthusiastically, and repeatedly), and today he's been fascinated by lying on the floor. Also throwing things, which is great when it's a ball, but less good when it's cutlery or his cup. Still not really talking much though, just about saying Bear when he sees some in one of his current library books, and a loud Mam! in response to jam (on toast).

When I'm not too tired to enjoy it life is pretty good fun at the moment, but boy is it hard work. Working on not self-medicating with too much food, but that's badly timed :) My own Easter egg is going to have to last me well this year.

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