Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Stair gates and plaster

Deliberately bought a stair gate for upstairs which the manufacturer claims can be used by just attaching the wall cups to the wall with the supplied stickers, rather than having to drill and use screws. Went up ok last weekend, though the wall cups on the bannister side seemed to slip a few mm as I tightened the pressure fittings. Trouble is over the rest of the week they slipped more and more and last night one of them slipped off entirely!

Took the gate down this morning, but when I turned my attention to the wall cups on the other side it seems they were rather better stuck to the stickers, and the stickers were well suck to the wall. However it seems the plaster was rather less well stuck! This is the result:

I'd been meaning to get round to doing something about that crack!

Amusingly as the other gate at the bottom of the stairs had to be fitted on the second step up Matthew has now managed to fall off the second step a few times, making it feel slightly less safe than when the gate wasn't there :)

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