Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

10 months today!

Since I last updated Matthew has got better at crawling, and has been getting more confident at assisted walking.

He can now use the walker with both hands - though you have to chase him as he tends to topple when he gets too fast. He routinely wanders round holding just one of our hands now, and is beginning to treat furniture as things to hold onto too - not just people. He's even starting to make a few steps completely unaided - just one or two at a time mostly, but it's definitely proper wobbly walking! He's getting chattier too, especially at mealtimes, though we have no idea what he might be trying to say, and it's mostly babbled noises rather than attempts at words. He loves to look at, and point at, lights - though rarely points at much else. His sleeping has been a bit rubbish so far this year, but he's settled down to 3 wakes last night and 4 the night before, and both nights he went back down fairly easily after feeding, and slept til around 7 - both of which are huge improvements!

We had a lovely visit the weekend before last from Granny Ann and Grandad Ivan - with belated Christmas presents all round and a trip to the zoo. Must get round to posting dad the things he left behind ;). I have had my first evening out without Matthew - cocktails with the other women of my NCT group which was lovely. And this weekend just gone we went into town and bought ourselves a new mattress (to be delivered next week) and had a less than successful lunch out - mostly Matthew has enjoyed eating out, but I think the basement in Don Pasquale was just a bit too overwhelmingly dark and noisy for him, and they were just a bit rushed on a Saturday lunchtime which let the service down too. Otherwise it was a really lovely weekend though, and Matthew and I have had a nice day in today. These days I'm usually out for at least part of most days - Tuesday to the library or soft play or both, Wednesday to the playgroup at the church, Thursday to Sing and Sign (which has just restarted for this term with some nice new people as well as the friends we made last term), and now we've tried the Little Quavers music group in Stapleford on a Friday too, and that was nice.

I'm rambling a bit, so I'll finish with a couple of photos from earlier today:

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