Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Baby progress

Some time over the last couple of weeks Matthew has suddenly got the hang of how to sit up when lying on his back, he's got better at pulling himself up on things, and much more stable when standing, he's still clapping at every opportunity, and has also learned to point, mostly at lights, best of all though is that yesterday he finally indisputably crawled! Not very far as yet, and he'd still rather walk, but as well as tipping forward on hands and knees to pick things up then sitting back up he's managed to move a few paces on hands and knees too - though he does rather tend to drag his legs behind him. Now he just needs to get faster :) He's eating a bit more at mealtimes too, and I've finally started to get Mike's knack of resettling him in the cot without picking him up (though we always do milk first still, and just have to settle when he's put back down).

After yesterxay's lovely sunshine today is definitely what you might call changeable, with wintry showers. We've had some grey spells, some bright sunshine and blue skies, and an impressive thundery hailstorm! Thankfully just AFTER I'd swept the drive.

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