Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Blueskies - photo a day

Another lovely day. My turn for a lie in, which helps ;) a chilled out morning, then Uncle Pete arrived for lunch (turkey soup, turkey sandwiches and Christmas cake) and stayed for the afternoon. Another nice brisk walk to Stapleford, intending to let Matthew play on the swings, but he fell asleep, so we all had a go instead. Lovely blue skies and fiery contrails. Some fun watching all the boys play together with Matthew's even newer toys, then another nice meal all together (turkey curry, leftover roasties and trifle :) Sad not to see Alice and Val, but with a possibly infectious Matthew and a long drive for a tiny baby they decided it was more sensible to stay home. Sent Pete off with more baby clothes and toys for Alice - but he forgot the leftover trifle (all the more for me)! The leftover mountain in the fridge is gradually reducing at least, though we have a really monstrous quantity of cheese. Matthew's still spotty, and going a bit scabby, and coughing, but he still seems very well in himself and a bit hungrier for solids again today. Might give NHS 111 a call tomorrow just in case.

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