Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Putting 2lbs on this week was not a great thing on top of feeling crap already, and if it hadn't been the launch of a new exercise encouraging initiative I'd probably have run away from class instead of staying. I'm glad I did stay though, Fi and Karen were both really lovely at class and made me feel lots better, and then I went back to Simes and E-J's for dinner, which was lovely. I'm not usually a huge fan of tofu but Simes seems to be able to work wonders with it. I'm always impressed at what good food he manages to cook despite all the awkward restrictions in his diet.

Reached the pub in time for a slimline T (sans G) and a cuddle with Jan and rjk and a gossip. Felt much better afterwards, and actually being toasty warm for once probably helped. Going to get straight off to bed now anyway before I make myself even more knackered than I've been all week.

In other news random strangers complimenting me on my hair while looking for win2K soundcard drivers, mum sending me the picture of bush and the one ring, the drunken scot has been offered the job he was interviewing for and is considering moving down here and just seeing the family at weekends, and erm, I think that's it. Didn't manage to beat rjk back from the pub despite a nice turn of speed: obviously some trips are still faster by car. Must adjust brakes though, they've been not quite right since they got all seized up in the snow. And my mudguard's all rattly too.

Trying not to think about the diet and just get on with it, rather than feeling sorry for myself: I may be no longer officially healthy (yeah like bollocks one week's gain is going to really make a difference) but I'm still pretty bloody pleased with the shape I am now, so I should try not to be too bothered about it.

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