Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Mosaic - photo a day

A trip into Sawston today to get weighed at a slimming world group myself, to pick up some fruit in Budgens, and to get Matthew weighed at the health visitor clinic. I've lost weight, he's gained it, and though he seems to be a bit spotty today they tell me it's probably just a side effect of yesterday's fever and not to worry unless it gets worse :/ The slimming world group is held in the primary school, called the bellbird school, which has some lovely little mosaics in the paving outside.

Had a little selection of friends over this afternoon for mince pies - including a couple of babies - which was good fun, and then Mike's parents arrived around 4:30. We've had a lovely evening with them, though Matthew has struggled a bit to get to sleep after all the excitement, but the washing up is done, the turkey's stuffed and weighed and timings are calculated, and the veg are all peeled. And there seem to be a million presents under the tree. Looks like we're all ready to go!

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