Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Blossom - photo a day

Fab Christmas lunch with the IT folk from CUED - some unfamiliar faces in with a lot of old friends. Lovely to see them all, and also to see Matthew having lots of fun! We left a little before the party broke up at he was shattered, and fell straight asleep in the pram - giving me a chance to get the last three Chekzgmas presents before heading for a much better than last week bus home - 40 minutes quicker, and he slept pretty much the whole way. He's been pretty cheerful the rest of the day at home too. Wonderful day.

It's been beautifully crisp and sunny today too, which let me take a few of my favourite sort of snaps, with bright sunshine and vivid blue skies. And on Trumpington Street the almond blossom which I love to see each year is already out. Lots more photos saved up for January, but this one is my choice for today.

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