Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Swings - photo a day

Into town today on the bus, to the dentist and the shops, and then stopped to play on the swings and slide with Matthew before getting the bus home. In retrospect that feels like an error, as an earlier bus might not have been so packed, or so slow in the horrible seasonal rush hour traffic - well over an hour to do a nominally 35 minute journey. Still he did enjoy them, which he mostly didn't the bus, though he made friends with some of the teenagers from the sixth form college. Home now and having a late nap as a result, hope it doesn't mess up his sleep tonight! Low light rather reduces the picture quality, but still captures a bit of the fun he was having. (The coat is a 9-12 month one so a bit big on him yet, but I've got fed up trying to get the smaller ones over his jumpers).

Tags: via ljapp
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