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So last night marks 8 years since I first met Mike, today is my 38th birthday and tomorrow Matthew will be 8 months old.

We've just had a lovely weekend away visiting my mum and dad - with a half day at the spa as my birthday present and a fab family party to give people the chance to meet Matthew and his second cousin baby Rose (14 months). Today our NCT group went off to Fulbourn to a soft play centre - which is much better than a cafe now our babies are all getting mobile, and pretty cheap for under ones. Last week a small bunch of us had a lovely little coffee afternoon at Jack and Jenny's house since our usual playgroup wasn't running that week. And a couple of weekends back we had a fab afternoon out on the guided bus to go help warm Mobbsy and Alison's house in Fen Drayton. Looking forward to Emily visiting next week too.

Matthew is growing up fast, and now pretty much has the hang of eating both purées and slightly lumpy food off a spoon if you hold it out for him, and can also feed himself if handed a loaded spoon. He seems to love baked beans and is starting to like yogurt enough to eat a whole petit filous sized pot, though generally his mealtimes are still fairly small portions and he's drinking plenty of milk still. He loves the swings still, is starting to like slides too, and really likes to toddle around a room with someone holding his hands or under his arms to help him. He can pull himself up from sitting to standing if he has something suitable to hold onto (mostly hands or the side of his cot). He still doesn't crawl, and hasn't quite worked out how to sit up from lying yet, though he's getting closer to managing both. Sleep is a bit hit and miss, but even on a bad night he spends all night in his own cot - I pop in to feed him whenever he wakes, and most of the time he goes back down without protest (not all though!). Sometimes we're getting 3 or even 4 hours at a stretch, though other times he still wakes every 2 hours. Mike and I are enjoying having a bit of proper evening to ourselves though. Starting to plan for going back to work in March though, and it feels all too soon. Thinking maybe 3 days a week for me, and 4 days for Mike if he can get it, but we need to get childcare sorted too.

Matthew's still a happy sociable little chap, with a big grin, which we've now realised looks a lot like the one I had as a baby :) We definitely think he gets his ears from his dad though.

Life may revolve around having a baby now, but it's pretty good for the most part, and I'm really happy with my husband and baby and life :)

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