Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

6 months old!

It's amazing how time flies! Baby Matthew is now 6 months old and starting to try solid foods. Mind you despite his early interest in stealing our food he so far mostly prefers to just rub his hands in anything squishy and chew the bowl or spoon, but it's all fun (but messy).

Weird to think I'm now more than halfway through my maternity leave. I'm enjoying it for the most part, though it's exhausting and it would be nice to have a bit ore time to myself - hopefully at some point he'll get better at going to bed and staying asleep and I'll get a bit more of an evening, which will make a difference. Still enjoying the baby playgroups in Shelford, and just started a Sing and Sign class which seems fun (but a few more people at it might be nice), it's also lovely to meet up with Lucy and Ed and the other members of my NCT group.

Also excited that Matthew will have a new baby cousin in December, as Pete and Val are about to become parents too! Lovely to seeing them a couple of weeks back and looking forward to seeing Mike's parents this weekend and mine the one after!

I'll finish with a few photos:

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