Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

4 months, and new experiences

Matthew is 4 months old today! Keen on sitting up now as well as standing, and still not really getting the hang of rolling over. He's improving at sleeping on his own, and now goes down for at least one stretch in the crib most evenings - though he usually ends up sleeping next to me in bed later on. He's getting quite a few naps in his pushchair while it's stationary now too - rather than waking as soon as we stop moving - we've used the chair on its own more lately as I think the carrycot is a bit too hot in this weather.

Last weekend we spent a day at the Ely folk festival with mum, dad, Steph, Dave, Oliver and Isobel - with presents, cake and a picnic to celebrate Izzy's second birthday. We didn't admittedly see a lot of the bands, but enjoyed Karine Polwart, watching some of the ceilidh dancing, seeing the assorted Morris sides, and just pottering around. A lovely day despite the heat.

Then this week once Steph and the Readers had departed for the seaside we joined mum and dad in their cottage in Little Downham for a few days, along with (great) grandad and later Emily, We had a nice day out in Ely and discovered that the Lady Chapel in the Cathedral has lovely acoustics (with a verse of Amazing Grace), and another day out in Bury St Edmunds which turns out to be a gorgeous little town. Other bits of excitement included a hedgehog staying the night - chased out of grandad's bedroom in the middle if the night and gently evicted from the hall the next day - watching a nearly tame squirrel eat cherry tomatoes during our picnic in Bury, and letting Matthew have a splash in a container of water in the garden. Sadly I didn't get pictures of any of these, or of Ely, but here are a few from the rest of the week.

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