Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Long time no update

Matthew is now 15 weeks old - weighing in at 3.65kg (edit: ahem 6.65kg) as of Wednesday, which is tracking the 50th percentile still. We're getting the hang of eating much more than we were - though sleeping is still more often in our bed than in his crib it is at least often now next to me instead of on top of me :) he's starting to learn how to sit up and to roll over - though is a long way off mastering either - and his giggles are a joy.

Spending our weekdays enjoying a postnatal group on Mondays, a baby play group on Wednesdays in the village and meeting up with Lucy or my NCT group for coffee in assorted places (The Orchard in Grantchester probably being the star venue so far). It's great to spend time with other people with young babies - but was also nice to catch up with some others in a pub with nou a couple of weeks back, and to have ceb round for a picnic this week.

We had a lovely weekend away last week to visit his granny and grandad Snape in the Forest of Dean - with some lovely walks and lots of cuddles for granny in particular.

This weekend Mike took over for a couple of hours to let me go out for my first bike ride since he was born - about 17 miles in a loop out to Chapel Hill. It was a bit weird being away from him for so long for the first time but a lovely ride in the sunshine. We've been enjoying watching the tennis and the Tour de France too.

Map here: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=2207159

Next weekend we have tickets for Ely folk festival on Saturday, along with most of the Blair side of the family and then we'll be seeing them for a few more days after the weekend too - hopefully the weather will be nice still, but not quite *this* hot.

Life is busy and hard work but fun!

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