Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

7 weeks :)

Not posting very often, but hope people will forgive the fact thry're al very baby-centric!

Had a lovely lunch with my NCT group on Friday, then mum and dad arrived on Friday evening - we had curry for dinner, spent Saturdat at Audley End and went to the garden centre and out to lunch on Sunday and had a lovely time. Granny and grandad were both chuffed to get to spend some time with their newest baby grandson.

On Monday Mike and I took Matthew for a walk to Hauxton in the sunshine. Mike booked a couple of extra days off, so we had a lazy day on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we got a train to Cheshunt and went on another nice (but colder) walk as far as Broxbourne through the Lee Valley regional park. We considered carrying on as far as Roydon but lost the route and it was getting a bit late. It was great to have the time together.

And today we had another nice day. We started with a trip to the GP for my post-natal check (all well) and Matthew's 6-8 week checks: all good too - and he now weighs 5.27kg - around 11 lb 9 oz. Need to ring up next week and make appointments for his first jabs and for me to have a mire a coil fitted - but they're putting a new computer system in so we couldn't book them yet! He's a big boy and starting to outgrow most of his newborn sized sleep suits, though the vests are still OK. It does mean he's growing in to some other nice outfits though!

Then this afternoon Lindsey brought her 8 month old daughter Florence to visit and we had a really nice chat - and she brought me a huge generous pile of presents from my friends at Trumpington Slimming World group - thankfully the newborn outfits from Matalan are very generously sized as it's a bit far to the nearest shop to exchange them. And Matthew even had a brief nap in the car seat for a while - it's rare he lets me put him down at al so this is great progress as far as I'm concerned. GP tells me that gets easier around 10 weeks if not before - we shall see :). And everyone reckons I look well, even though I feel a bit knackered, so it can't be too bad.

Basically it's nearly all good :)

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