Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Nearly 6 weeks!

So tomorrow baby Matthew will be 6 weeks old. I've just booked our 6-8 week check ups for next Thursday - and 6-8 weeks is the point in time when we can hopefully begin to establish some routines - which means I should be starting to put him down in his crib or carrycot whenever he goes to sleep during the day - easier said than done when this always seems to wake him up! If we can manage it then it would certainly make life much much easier. At the moment he generally only sleeps on one of us, or in the pram if it's moving, which means i don't get much rest during t day. With that and the fact I'm still finding breast feeding to be a bit of a struggle at times I'm feeling rather worn out at the moment, but I'm sure it will all get easier with time. As it does I shall have to start getting out of the habit of relying on rather too much chocolate and cake to get me through the day :)

Looking forward to mum and dad coming down to visit at the weekend, and to some other visitors too: one of my oldest friends, Cathie, is coming by on Thursday with her two boys which will be fab, and I'm also trying to sort out times to meet Lindsey from my SW class, Stephen, Barbara and Paul from work (after a lovely visit to the office last Friday) and the others from my NCT antenatal group (we're trying to make a habit of it).

He's certainly a big strong boy anyway, starting to grow out of some of his sleep suits already, enjoying standing with his weight on his own two legs when held up, and beginning to hold his own head up too. Best of all he's beginning to smile - and when he does everything suddenly gets better :)

Tags: baby, family, friends, via ljapp
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